Japan Prime Minister arrives in Indonesia to strengthen its ties

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Japan hopes to strengthen its military and political ties with Indonesia. The country is promoting technology and defense equipment transfer agreements.  Indonesia is the second leg aim to counter China in the region otherwise china can act as a big threat.  The prime minister has arrived from Vietnam on the four-day visit. The minister will be going to two southeast nations. He pursues the free and opens pacific in the region and that leads to the vision of economic and security cooperation between countries. This would help in countering the hard and economic power of China. This would also prevent the influence of China from spreading further.

Japan has been constantly been pushing for association amongst South East Nations. Japan conveys its respects for the rules-based on the international system, unlike China. The prime minister is expected to discuss the coronavirus and the means to tackle it.

A similar deal has already been signed between Vietnam, U.S., Malaysia, Britain, Thailand, and Japan. The deal for all the countries remains the same as the technology and defense equipment transfer.

The welcome ceremony for the deal is at the presidential palace. The prime minister of Japan would be attending the tree plantation and then would proceed for the meeting with the Indonesian president.

The prime minister of Japan is also scheduled to meet the people for Japanese companies and for wreath-laying at the Kalibata Heroes Cemetery.

The deal is being welcomed by Indonesia in a big way and the people of Indonesia are also happy.

The deal is a good means to tackle the hard power of China, which is being used a lot in the region of southeast Asia. The deal will also act as a means of prevention of domination from China.