Joe Biden speaks with UN Chief on need to strengthen partnership on global issues

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United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Gutteres had a discussion with US President-elect Joe Biden on Monday. The two leaders talked about the requirement to strengthen their alliance on global matters like battling COVID-19, the transition said. It also stated that raising resilience to future public health problems, take care and face the issue of climate change, tackle humanitarian issues, promote sustainable development, conflict resolution, stand by peace and safety, and uphold democracy and human rights were the other topics they talked about.

President of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez also talked with Joe Biden. Biden promised to work in close relations with the country to suppress the COVID-19 situation there and also develop global health safety through escalating the hemispheric institutions. “He emphasised the need for even deeper hemispheric cooperation on advancing economic prosperity, combating climate change, strengthening democracy, and managing regional migration flows, among other shared challenges,” the transition said. The President-elect additionally, conveyed his deep concern over the increasing violence in Ethiopia and its effect on the civilians. He also recognized the importance that His Holiness Pope Francis has on the people of Argentina and Latin America.

Furthermore, Joe Biden also got on a separate call with President Carlos Alvarado of Costa Rica. He showed his admiration to the country’s skill of managing issues like human rights, regional migration, COVID-19, and the threat of climate change. He emphasised on his concern on the recent hurricane affected Central American people and climate migration problems. The readout also mentioned Biden pledging to have a stronger US-Costa Rica partnership based on common democratic values in hemispheric institutions.

Issues like climate change, helping refugees and host communities, regional safety were discussed by Joe Biden with the President of Kenya, Kenyatta.

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