Joe Rogan’s Podcast Launches on Spotify Amid Controversy Regarding Missing Episodes

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The much-awaited debut of the ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ podcast on streaming service Spotify has invited much speculation and controversy regarding a number of episodes that featured controversial guests missing from the service.
The $100 million deal was announced back in May with Rogan explicitly saying that the deal to make the podcast an exclusive on Spotify was just a matter of licensing, with the streaming platform having no creative control over the show’s content.
However, this fact is being disputed by many internet users as the specific episodes which haven’t survived the migration to Spotify feature a number of far-right personas. The list features figures like British far-right commentator Milo Yiannopoulos, right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones of ‘InfoWars’, and Stefan Molyneaux, a strong proponent of ‘race science,’ often dubbed ‘scientific racism.’
Other removed episodes featured Chris D’Elia, a comedian who has, of late been accused of sexual misconduct with a number of young women, but also some less clear-cut omissions such as comedian Nick Kroll and personality and long-time marijuana activist Tommy Chong.
Rogan himself has been outspoken against ‘cancel culture’ and curtailing free-speech, vocalising his opinions many a time on his podcast regarding allowing voices from all sides of the political and social spectrums to be heard and to engage in conversation. The guests he has featured on his podcast stand as a testament to this idea, covering all sorts of personalities and engaging them in long-form discussions.
Whether or not Spotify was right to remove these controversial episodes from the platform can be argued without reaching a definitive conclusion, but Rogan’s own views on the subject over the years seem to contradict the idea of censorship in this manner. The podcaster himself has remained silent on the matter, causing speculation among his community on the internet to fly.
While all episodes of the podcast remain on YouTube as of now, the podcast is slated to be a Spotify exclusive and will see all episodes removed from other platforms by the end of the year.

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