Journalist Beaten Up By Police in Jharkhand, Reason Unknown

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Anand Dutta, a journalist from Jharkand was beaten up by the police for unknown reasons, while he was at the market with his wife. Dutta was slapped and abused in public, a local Hindi newspaper reported.

The attack took place in a market, when Senior Station Inspector (SSI) Mohan Mehta slapped Dutta. Dutta said he was out running errands and was accompanied by his wife when the attack took place. Mehta questioned him about his carry bag, to which he replied that it was his wife’s, who was nearby shopping for essential items. The police officer allegedly continued striking him without listening to his explanation. After this incident, Mehta dragged him by the collar and took him to the police station in a PCR (Police Control Room) van.

Anand Dutta is a freelance journalist. He has a well-established career with popular publications like The Print, News Click, Firstpost and live Hindustan. He is well known for his fearless ground reporting. Dutta was brutally beaten while in the police custody. This incident came into view only when the local reporters were informed about the incident. The Press Club of Ranchi has said that they would press charges against SSI Mehta and asked the Senior Superintendent of police to look into the issue and were promised an investigation.

This is yet another incident of violence against journalists. Multiple records have been registered in the country where journalists are assaulted, investigated and detained without a prior reason or warrant.

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