Kanpur: Father suffering from depression kills son, sleeps all night with the dead body

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In a very shocking incident, a jobless father suffering from depression strangled his seven-year-old son to death and then slept with his body all night. The murder took place on Friday night in the Seesamau locality of Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur. The police took the accused into custody following his wife’s complaint which was registered on Saturday.

Identified as Alankar Srivastava, the 43-year-old man lived with his wife Sarika, two daughters – Geetika (10) and Tulika (16) and a son Rushank (10) in Seesamau area of Kanpur. Working as a teacher in a government school, Sarika said that Alankar informed her around 5 am on Saturday that he had killed their son. Shaken by the incident, she immediately called up her relatives, who came rushing to their house. Later, the police were informed and a team reached the crime spot.

As per The Times of India report, a police officer stated, “Sarika said Alankar killed their son late on Friday night and went to sleep with the body in the drawing-room. At around 5 am, her husband visited their bedroom and after waking her up apprised her that he had killed their son and said that now no one would trouble their son, he is now taking restful sleep.”

Reportedly, the family members told the police that after he lost his job during the nationwide lockdown, Alankar got depressed. He was a devoted father and deeply loved his son and daughters and used to worry about their future.

In accordance with the complaint being lodged by Sarika, police have booked Alankar for murder under Indian Penal Code Section 302. Based on the police officer’s quote, the accused has confessed to his crime and added that the body of the child was sent for post-mortem examination. The police are further investigating the matter.

Image Source: Outlook India

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