Kapil Dev gets discharge following heart attack

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In a source of massive relief to many across the globe, Kapil Dev was given discharge from hospital having undergone an emergency angioplasty earlier this week. It is believed that after complaints of chest pain late on Thursday night, the legendary Indian cricketer rushed to the Heart Institute in Fortis hospital where he underwent the procedure.

Following his release, the hospital released a statement saying “Mr. Kapil Dev got discharged today afternoon. He’s doing fine and can resume his regular daily activity soon. He’ll be under regular follow-up consultation with Dr. Atul Mathur,” 

Dev spent three nights in hospital and now will continue recovery at his residence having convinced doctors that he is safe to get discharge. 

After news of his admission broke on social media, the world-Cup winning captain released a statement to assure worried fans of his health. Taking to social media, the former Indian captain thanked well-wishers saying “Thank you, everyone, for all the love and concern. I am overwhelmed with the good wishes and well on the road to recovery.”

Later, former Indian cricketer Chetan Sharma having visited him in hospital took to twitter and posted images of  Dev with his daughter and doctor showing him in good health and on the road to recovery. 

The 61-year-old  is among the greatest ever cricketers India has witnessed with his record of 434 test wicket still standing strong as the highest wicket-haul by any Indian pacer in the longest format of the game. He was the captain of the India’s 1983 World Cup-winning team which is widely credit for changing the fortunes of the sport in the country. 

Following a career lasting 16 years, he retired from the sport in 1994. Following which, he took the position of India’s head coach for a year in 1999. Since then, he has appeared in various media-related roles such as cricket expert for news channels and Hindi commentary. 

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