‘Knives Out’ director says Apple does not let bad guys use iPhones in movies

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Rian Johnson, the writer, and director of Knives Out revealed that Apple will permit film productions to use its products onscreen, but with one very big limitation- villains cannot be using an iPhone on camera.

Johnson said in a video while explaining a scene from his hit murder mystery, “I don’t know if I should say this or not, not because it’s lascivious or something, but because it’s gonna screw me on the next mystery movie that I write. But forget it, I’ll say it, it’s very interesting.”

He added, “Apple, they let you use iPhones in movies, but, and this is very pivotal, if you’re ever watching a mystery movie, bad guys cannot have iPhones on camera. Every single filmmaker who has a bad guy in their movie that’s supposed to be a secret wants to murder me right now.”

It bodes well that companies like Apple would prefer not to have their products promoted by the hands of film antagonists, just how soda companies do not want people to see cans of their celebrated brands hurled into the trash on the big screen. While rewatching the film, you can see a few different characters who are suspects using iPhones. Be that as it may, the villain in the film, Ransom, played by Chris Evans, does not have an iPhone in the film.

In other news, Apple Inc will open its first physical retail store in India in 2021, Chief Executive Tim Cook said Wednesday. The company intends to run the store themselves, instead of looking for a domestic partner. 

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