‘Last week tonight’ with John Oliver episode criticising Modi blocked by Hotstar

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An episode of emmy-award winning late night show, ‘Last Week Tonight’ that dealt with material criticising the Prime Minister, as well as the BJP and RSS, was taken down earlier this week by Disney-owned streaming service, Hotstar.

In the episode, host John Oliver traces the events surrounding Modi’s political career from 2002, when he was denied an American visa in the wake of the Gujrat riots, to the present day where he stands, as the leader of India. Hotstar has not spoken to any newspapers as of yet.

Oliver brought up issues such as the widespread protests against the recently passed Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) as well as the unpopular demonization move  in 2016 and the effect it had on the poor. Additionally, he expressed concern over the RSS founders’ admiration towards Hitler, describing purity of race as, “Not a chill thing” to admire Hitler for.

The late night host also showed videos from Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath’s rally where he is heard saying, “If they kill one Hindu then we will also kill 100 of them.” Not to leave Trump alone in this meeting, Oliver ridiculed the U.S President for referring to Modi as ‘the father of India’, a title reserved for Mahatma Gandhi.

Although Hotstar has removed the video from its catalogue, (it remains off at time of writing) the episode can be viewed on YouTube for free.

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