Lithuania says that the inaction by EU over Belarus undermines its foreign policy credibility

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Recently, foreign affairs minister of Lithuania, Linas Linkevicius in an interview with the Financial Times Newspaper, mentioned that the lack of action taken by the European Union about Belarus has been weakening the credibility of EU’s foreign policy.

He further added in the interview that the EU should promote democracy and also oppose the influence of Russia in Belarus. In the interview, Belarus also pointed out that the EU should provide help with Belarus’ opposition. Linkevicius also added to it saying that at times, the reaction of the European Union is very late and their measures are fragmented and it is not having an influence on the people on power or in the society as a whole.

Linkevicus, also brought up the fact that without remaining true to national commitments, the foundation of the European Union will be shattered. Just like Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia had imposed sanction against President Alexander Lukashenko along with 29 other officials of Belarus,

The opposition leader of Belarus, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, had called on the United Nations to criticize the action of President Lukashenko to crackdown on the protestors. The protestors accused him of rigging his election victory which took place last month.

Tsikhanouskay, who fled to the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, after the President had launched his crackdown, also asked the international community to impose sanctions on individuals who are responsible for the electoral violations that took place.

In his tenure of power for 26 years, it is since the August 9 election win, Lukashenko has been facing opposition protests. However, he has not accepted the charges of rigging the election which has been levelled by the opposition and also the Western countries and has refused to step down.

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