Luxembourg – first country in the world to make public transportation free

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While trying to decrease congested roads, Luxembourg has become the first nation in the world to make all public transport free from February 29. This is the first occasion when that the choice to offer a free public service with respect to transportation has been provided by an entire nation. 

The decision has been taken by the authorities in Luxembourg in order to cut down the blockage on roads, AFP reports. Because of this decision, each individual will have the option to save around 100 euros ($110) every year. 

The free public transportation framework, nonetheless, does not exclude first class travel tickets on trains and certain night bus facilities. The facility is aimed at attracting public to common transportation that would also reduce the country’s carbon footprint. 

Individuals, for the most part, travel in Luxembourg using their private vehicles while according to a recent survey conducted by their authorities in 2018 and found that public transport buses are just utilized for 32 percent of the time for travelling to work while the trains represent 19 percent, AFP reports. 

The reason behind blockages and congestion has additionally been ascribed to the development of a cable car that frequently leads roads turned parking lots in Luxembourg and a traffic jam ensues. The development work has been continuous for quite a long while. Although a segment of the cable car has been working since 2017, the development work will proceed till the whole zone plan is finished.

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