Maharashtra Government Starts a Month-Long Drive to Detect Cases of Tuberculosis and Leprosy

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After the success of ‘My Family, My Responsibility’ program in tracking COVID-19 patients, the Maharashtra Government, on Tuesday, has begun another mission to identify cases of tuberculosis and leprosy with door-to-door screening in a month-long drive.

Under this initiative, the public health department will screen over 8.66 crore individuals across the state, including more than 6.8 crore citizens in rural areas and over 1.84 crore people in urban regions. Appealing to residents to co-operate with survey groups, Maharashtra’s Health Minister Rajesh Tope said that the mission guarantees that patients experiencing symptoms of leprosy or tuberculosis are provided with the necessary clinical consideration in these testing times of COVID-19.

“This year the notification for TB and leprosy was low. We suspect a lot of new cases in the community have gone undetected and may continue to transmit the infection to others. To arrest the transmission and put these people on treatment, a state-wide drive will help,” said Dr R S Adkekar, joint director for tuberculosis and leprosy in Maharashtra.

A sharp decline in the number of TB cases when compared to last year suggests that people have been evading tests for these diseases due to the fear of being quarantined. The public authority has already made it clear that it will bear the whole expense of treatment for patients whose results come positive in the test. 

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