Maharashtra makes Covid report a must for people entering the state from Goa, Delhi and 2 more States

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A negative Covid 19 report from an RT-PCR test has been made a necessity for people who will be travelling to Maharashtra from Delhi-NCR, Goa, Gujarat and Rajasthan. The action was taken amidst a surge in coronavirus cases in the state of Maharashtra. It has become the worst hit state by Covid but is now recovering and steps are being taken to prevent a relapse.

These new rules will be applicable to passengers travelling through both flights and trains. In case of air travels, people have to undertake the tests 72 hours before landing and for trains, it must be before 96 hours and will apply to trains that halt or terminate in these states.    

RT-PCR tests will be available on test centres at the airport too where it will be mandatory for the passengers travelling to Maharashtra to get tested at their own cost otherwise they won’t be allowed to proceed.  

Passengers travelling through trains who have not conducted RT-PCR tests will be tested for symptoms at stations when they get off. They will undergo Rapid Antigen tests if they have any symptoms.

With respect to travelling via road, passengers from the concerned states will be tested for symptoms including body. Those without any symptoms would be permitted to enter the state and those with symptoms shall have the option of turning back and go to their home to recuperate.

Image Source: The Financial Express

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