Maharashtra sees the highest spike of COVID-19 cases in August

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As the COVID-19 infections are drastically snowballing within the country, Maharashtra reported a dramatic growth within the number of COVID-19 infections registering over 3.70 lakh cases, a senior state health official stated. The state reported 3,76,587 COVID-19 cases last month, 2,41,820 cases in July, and 1,04,748 cases in June according to the figures given by the Maharashtra Health Department.
One of the explanations for the growing number of positive cases is the increased number of tests, “On August 1, the entire number of COVID-19 cases within the state was 4,31,719, which soared to 8,08,306 on September 1. This is probably the fastest growth of cases in the state since January” said the health official. In the previous month, the state carried out 20,16,809.

“The number of tests conducted till August 1 was 21,94,943, which rose to 42,11,752 on September 1. The state is aggressively testing which is helping in detection of the infected people,” the official said. The amount of cases has risen in the state between August 1 and 5, the cases rose by 36,546 and the cases rose to 75,556 between September 1 and 5, the official said.

There were 15,316 deaths reported due to COVID-19 within the state till August 1 and therefore the number drastically rose to 24,903 on September 1 as per the information. The Health official additional states that between August 1 and 5, 1,160 people died due to COVID-19 and between September 1 and 5, 1,373 people died.

Devendra Fadnavis, Leader of Opposition in the Maharashtra Assembly said, “Out of the daily tests, a sizable number is of the antigen tests which are not completely reliable. The RT-PCR tests, which are more reliable, should be done on a large scale, which will be able to tell the ground reality about the coronavirus.” He added that the state requires to run more tests.

Although, the health official said the antigen tests are relatively inexpensive than the RT-PCR tests and hence, conducted more as a safety measure.

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