Masaan actor Sanjay Mishra to star in “Andaman” based on COVID-19

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With the pandemic looming over the people like a shadow, it has managed to plunge some of them into a dark corner while others have managed to find a silver lining in these desperate times. 
Among those, Smita Singh, an aspiring director is all set to make her directorial debut with “Andaman” starring Sanjay Mishra and Anand Raj , who has written the film as well. 
The movie, believed to be an inspirational social drama portrays the story of a quarantined center set in an underprivileged village. The film is supposed to depict the bitter truth prevailing in the society with a touch of humour.
The film has been shot in Lucknow and other parts of Uttar Pradesh.
Sanjay Mishra, who plays the role of a saint in the film said” No film or film maker is big or small. A film leaves an impact only after it is made. I’m sure this film will create that spark. I’m doing this film to support new talent and have seen the hard work put in by the director and the entire team, that’s why I said yes to the project . I want new talent to grow because they come with fresh ideas and concepts.”
Debutant director Smita Singh had nothing but praises for the actor who said ” Working with Sanjay Mishra was not just fun and inspirational, but also a learning experience because he is such a talented and experienced actor.”
Being her debut film, the actor guided her through the technicalities. She was touched by his warm and genuine nature who works really hard for his projects. She admired his work for a long time and getting an opportunity to work with him has been a momentous journey for her.
Talking about the film Sanjay said “Since the COVID-19 outbreak , many films are being made on personal experiences. This one too will be relatable and touch on issues like depression due to job loss, struggle to earn a living and the like. Out of nowhere, Corona came into our lives and threw us into a dark abyss.”
The film took its inspiration from the lives of common people in rural areas who face harsh challenges with a twist of humour. It shows us  however difficult a situation may be, sometimes it evolves into a greater transformation.

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