Mumbai mall on fire: 3,500 people evacuated from adjacent building

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About 3 500 people have been evacuated from a Maharashtra residential building in Mumbai after a huge fire broke out at the City Center shopping mall in Nagpada on Thursday night. BMC said about 3,500 residents of the 55-story Orchid Enclave tower connected to the mall have been relocated as a precautionary measure.

Firefighters in Mumbai have been taking part in firefighting for more than 12 hours after the blaze broke out. The fire was initially divided into the first (minor) level but was raised to level 3 at 10:45 pm to level 4 at 2.30am, after the flames spread to other parts of the building. According to ANI, the fire that broke out in Mumbai’s supermarkets has now been upgraded to level 5.

Two employees, identified as Shamrao Jalan Banjara and Ramesh Prabhakar Chaugle, were injured during a firefight at the City Center in Mumbai. Both were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. They have been released.

About 24 fire engines and more than 200 firefighters are still under pressure to control the blaze at the Mumbai mall as the blaze burns up for 12 hours.


The blaze at City Center in Mumbai Central reportedly started at a mobile store around 8.50pm on Thursday and spread slowly throughout the mall.

The nature and power of fire when many groups of firefighters strive to control fire. During the fire control operation, firefighters were forced to open glass windows to allow smoke to escape.

At the time of the incident, about 200-300 people were inside the mall and everyone was evacuated.

The blaze left nearby residents in a state of shock. Many say that this mall has a large number of mobile-phone stores, which poses a high risk in the event of a fire.

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