Afghan mothers’ name to be included in children’s ID, Women rejoice

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The women of Afghanistan have secured a major victory, after years of struggle for recognition. The mother’s name would be printed on the National Identity Card of Children. The President, Ashraf Ghani signed the amendment on Thursday.

The wave to include mother’s name in the National Identity Card garnered momentum under campaign hashtag #WhereIsMyName. The Campaign was launched three years ago by Laleh Osmany. She told BBC that she was overjoyed by Victory. ” There is no doubt that this victory is the result of persistent Campaign and consonance among the campaigners and citizens,” she said. She extended a token of thanks to all those who supported the campaign, the government, the President, the citizens and to all those who raise their voices for the campaign. The social activists and celebrities introduce themselves by their mother’s name. The Parliament of Afghanistan hailed the decision as a step towards gender equality.

This is a big Victory because using a woman’s name in public is not appreciated traditionally. It is considered to be an insult. Women in Afghanistan are referred by odd names such as “My Weak One”, “My Household” and even by the name of animals. Women have been beaten publicly if they obtain prescriptions using their names. The women of Afghanistan have not always lived in the era of threat and oppression until Afghanistan fell prey of the Taliban.

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