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Shalaka Kachare, Pune

We all usually share the password of OTT service with friends or family members. However, if you use Netflix and share your login with a family member or friend, know that this cycle is going to come to an end. Significant modifications to Netflix’s password-sharing policies have been disclosed. The corporation has stated that a paid sharing service will launch this quarter. That is, you will now need to make a separate payment if you share your Netflix login with a particular someone.

Netflix to end password sharing. Image credits: future cdn

Last year, Netflix’s previous CEO, Reed Hastings, announced that password sharing would be phased out for everyone. So recently, new Co-Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) Greg Peters and Ted Sarandos have confirmed the end of password sharing in an interview with Bloomberg, and shared more details. Peters believes that once password sharing is under control, video streaming providers won’t sacrifice the user experience.

Now the question is, how will Netflix identify the real account holder? The streaming platform had earlier told that Netflix will implement the new password sharing rule through IP address, device ID and account activity. This way, the streaming platform will identify users who are outside a particular household and want to watch Netflix content for free.

According to Netflix, only one device or smartphone can check in to the service at a time. Until recently, if someone had a Netflix subscription, he or she could share it with up to five other people. In other words, four to five people could simultaneously use one Netflix membership.

In several Latin American countries, including Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, and others, Netflix has been testing the removal of password sharing. To utilise their friend’s Netflix account, customers in these nations must pay $3 (about Rs 250). Netflix hasn’t said how much it will charge per user in India, but it’s conceivable that the price will be quite similar to the prices charged everywhere in the world. According to the most recent reports, starting in March 2023, Netflix will implement the termination of password sharing in other territories, including India.

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