New research finds 3D printed nasal swabs as effective way for COVID-19 testing

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Researchers have found new way of nasal swabs collecting called the’3-D printed nasal swabs’ for testing corona virus. Nasal swab collection is an effective way to test the traces of corona virus in human body but at times it has been proved to be insufficient as well. There are cases where potential shortage of nasal swabs has been registered to collect samples for corona virus testing. To overcome these effects and shortages a research has been conducted over 3D printed nasal swabs.

According to the results published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases, the researchers have provided evidence that 3D printed nasal swabs work efficiently and safely as the standard commercial nasal swabs. Researchers have designed and produced a 3D printed nasal swab prototype after successful testing. The concept of these self-adjusting nasal swabs has come up to overcome the discomfort of the testing process faced by patients. The 3D printed nasal swabs are smartly designed to contract or shrink as they navigate the nasal cavity of the patient. They can easily adjust according to size of patient’s nasal cavity and causes less stress over the nasal tissues. It is a very efficient way of collecting the swabs however only few instances of nasal bleeding have come up which are not much problematic as compared to the commercial ones already existing in the market.

The large scale clinical trials for 3D printed nasal swabs first began in late March at three different sites in Tampa General Health (Florida), Northwell Health (NY), and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital (Philadelphia). After successful trials, the other sites joined as well. According to the studies published in the journal, the cost of materials per 3D-printed nasal swab ranges from 26 to 46 cents whereas on the other hand cost of each commercial swabs is around $1.

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