Nine Killed in Shootings Near Frankfurt, With Suspect Found Dead

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BERLIN – At least eight people were killed and five were injured in two attacks in western Germany in the city of Hanau on Wednesday night, sending police on a desperate search for the suspect. The suspect was found dead in his home hours later, police said.

Police found the suspect and another corpse at that address, police said at 5 a.m. They did not give further details, but said there were “no indications of the perpetrators.”

Police said they would not give details of the attacker’s motive, but German news reports said the shooting was directed at two cafes in Hohannu, 15 kilometers east of Frankfurt.

Two shots were fired at two different locations in the city around 10am, police said. Authorities have been searching for “strange criminals,” and a black car was seen traveling from the scene of the first shooting in the city center, they said. Police asked witnesses to come forward.

That first shooting took place in a hookah barrel called “Midnight,” according to German news reports. Three people were shot dead in the area, local broadcaster Hessenschau said, adding that eight or nine shootings had been fired.

Shortly afterwards, five people were shot dead in the Kesselstadt area west of the city center. Photos from the scene showed a police cordon and an ambulance outside the Arena Bar and Cafe. After a red police tape, at least one car was seen, covered with hot foam with its windows shattered.

Initial reports indicated that the suspect had been arrested and the man shot dead in police custody at the scene of the shooting, but a police spokesman appeared when asked about the arrests.

Henry Faltin, a military spokesman in southern Hesse, said the search was still ongoing. Whether the alleged links in the right are suspicious, he said the motives are “not yet clear.”

German police this week said they had arrested 12 members of a remote group who planned attacks on mosques and targets linked to refugees and refugees.

While authorities continue their overnight investigation, police urge the public to refuse to broadcast unverified videos, texts and messages, saying that “guessing is useless.”

Katja Leikert, representative of the Hanau region in the German national parliament, the Bundestag, called the event a “scary situation.”

“On this fateful night in Hanau I send those closest to the victims with all my strength and heartfelt condolences,” Twitter said, as interpreted by the German center Deutsche Welle. “Hopefully the casualties recover quickly. It’s a terrible situation for all of us. Due to emergency services. “

Hanau Mayor Claus Kaminsky told the Bild newspaper that “it’s impossible to imagine a worse evening.”

“This has been a bad night,” he said, “I’m sure we will be dealing with each other and remembering the grief for a long time.”