Osmania University to revamp Nizamia Observatory with a new telescope and astronomical activities

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Hyderabad’s Nizamia Observatory made in 1907, once famous for its observations terrestrial and celestial events, and supposedly with the biggest telescope in the world has been failing to move forward and make progress at Japal Rangapur in Rangareddy district. 

At Osmania University, the Department of Astronomy is making appropriate arrangements to bring back the lost glory of Nizamia Observatory. The department is planning to revamp the observatory with research and astronomical activities. 

According to media reports, the Department of Astronomy at OU has drawn out a full-fledged plan to procure a 0.3 to 0.7-meter range telescope along with a high-quality camera. The respective plan has been ideated and proposed for funds by the Department of Science and Technology. 
Currently, Nizamia Observatory spread across 200 acres of land in Ranga Reddy District stations a 48 inches telescope, two 12 inches telescope and one astrograph. Presently, the biggest telescope at the observatory has been dysfunctional for several years now. 

The faculty from the university said, “It is an old telescope, and its spare parts are not easily available. Earlier, when the 48-inches telescope was fully functional, this facility helped many researchers publish their research papers, and several students were awarded PhDs with research work carried out using data obtained from the observatory.”

However, a proposal for a new telescope has been raised. The authority from Osmania University said, “We have raised our proposal with the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, to obtain the new telescope, which will cost between Rs 1 crore and Rs 2 crore and can be remotely operated. This new facility will increase research activity and public outreach programmes.”

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