Pakistan minister condemns India’s move in Kashmir

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Amid increasing and elevated border tensions, Pakistan Railway Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad said that he feels a “full-fledged war will be fought between India and Pakistan” in October or November, according to reports from NDTV. He announced this prediction at an event this Wednesday in Rawalpindi while speaking about Article 370. “The time of the last battle for the liberation of Kashmir has arrived and this time the war with India will be full and final”, he was quoted saying.

Rasheed Ahmad also critiqued the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, addressing him as “Hitler” PM Modi, questioning the consequences of his actions, “It is because of PM Modi that Kashmir is on the brink of destruction today”. In defense of Kashmir, he was quoted stating that the fate of the Kashmiris and what happens in Kashmir has to be decided by the people themselves and not the United Nations.

The Minister praised Pakistan’s ally, China’s stand on the issue and its continued support for Islamabad stating that “We are fortunate that we have an ally like China on our side on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir”. However, he also questioned the silence of other Muslim countries in the world, remarking that, “Jinnah had assessed the ani-Muslin mindset in India long ago…those who still think about the possibility of dialogue with India are fools.”

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad had previously stated that the war will be fought between the entire subcontinent. His statements follow Pakistan’s PM claims on how a nuclear war between the two countries will have disastrous consequences.

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