Pakistan Says Citizenship Amendment Bill Expansionist, Aims to Make India a Hindu Nation

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Pakistan on Tuesday claimed that the Citizenship Amendment Bill was a reinforcement of its interest to become a Hindu Nation. Prime Minister Imran Khan as reported by PTI said, that the proposed amendments were expansionist in nature.

The Foreign Office in Islamabad issued a statement saying, “We condemn the legislation as regressive and discriminatory, which is in violation of all relevant international conventions and norms,” It further added that the bill was an attempt by India to interfere in the domestic interests of the neighbouring countries with “malafide intent.”

Pakistan has also remarked that the proposed bill which has cleared the Lower House of the country was in violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international covenants which prohibit discrimination based on religion or belief. The statement also said that the bill violated several bilateral agreements between India and Pakistan, “particularly the one concerning security and rights of minorities in the respective countries”.

Islamabad said that the Citizenship Bill was driven by “Hindutva ideology and hegemonic ambitions” in the region. According to it, India through the bill intended to cast itself as a homeland for minorities allegedly prosecuted by their own countries. Imran Khan also tweeted on the bill saying, “It is part of the RSS ‘Hindu Rashtra’ design of expansionism propagated by the fascist Modi government,”

The BJP has responded to the allegations stating, that Pakistan was blatantly interfering in Indian affairs. The party’s spokesperson GVL Narasimha Rao said, “India is protecting minorities you [Pakistan] failed to protect,”

The proposed legislation was passed in the Lok Sabha late Monday night and will be tabled in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday. The Citizenship Amendment Bill if granted will grant citizenship to persecuted Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains, Parsis and Christians from Muslim majority nations of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, provided that they have resided in India for 6 years

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