Pink Floyd singer Roger Waters recites Delhi activist Aamir Aziz’s poem in a protest march in London, calls CAA ‘racist and fascist.’

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Co-founder and guitarist of legendary British rock band Pink Floyd, Roger Waters recited an English translation of the poem Sab Yaad Rakha Jaayega (Everything will be remembered), written by Indian poet and activist Aamir Aziz. He performed it during a march held in London demanding the release of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. He also referred to the Citizenship Amendment Act and Indian PM Narendra Modi as ‘fascist and racist’. 

On Saturday, 22 February, the 76-year-old singer was among hundreds who joined the protests demanding the release of Assange, who has been jailed in UK since April 2019. In his address to the crowd, Waters attempted to put Assange’s persecution in a global context, referring to the uprisings in Chile, Lebanon, Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina and France, apart from mentioning the ongoing protests that have been happening in India. 

“This is a young man none of us know, his name is Aamir Aziz. He is a young poet and activist in Delhi. He is involved in the fight against Modi and his fascist, racist citizenship law. I will read a little bit from one of his poems,” the musician said, speaking in support of the anti-CAA protests. 

He recited: 

“Kill us, we will become ghosts and write

of your killings, with all the evidence.

You write jokes in court;

We will write ‘justice’ on the walls.

We will speak so loudly that even the deaf will hear.

We will write so clearly that even the blind will read.

You write ‘injustice’ on the earth;

We will write ‘revolution’ in the sky.

Everything will be remembered;

Everything recorded.”

“This outpouring of the human spirit from India is taking place in a time of revolt, when the fetters of propriety are set aside,” He remarked at the end of his recitation. Both the statement and Aamir Aziz’s poem were met with a round of applause from the audience. The Indian audience has also given this a thumbs up, with videos of the event doing several rounds on the internet. 

Aamir Aziz is a writer, director and musician from New Delhi, who also holds a degree in civil engineering. He gained fame with his protest song ‘Achhe Din Blues’, which is sung in the style of American folk musicians. The song has garnered over 200,000 views on Youtube since it was released in March last year. This poem was released a few months back in protest of the controversial Amendment of the Citizenship Law, which has been called, fascist and discriminatory by many the world over, including Roger Waters. 

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