PM Modi says Covid-19 vaccination drive will begin as soon as scientists give a nod

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On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that India’s vaccination programme against Covid-19 will begin as soon as it is permitted by scientists. Healthcare workers involved in treating coronavirus patients, frontline workers, and people above 60 years of age who are suffering from serious health conditions would be inoculated on priority.

Modi discussed the Covid-19 pandemic situation in the country at an all-party meeting with leaders of various political parties. In his closing remarks, he said that experts believe the wait for the Covid-19 vaccine is about to end as it may be ready in a few weeks.

At resent, nearly eight vaccines are at different phases of clinical trials with their manufacturing assured in India. Modi said that three vaccines from India are also at different stages of the trial. “Our scientists are very confident of succeeding in their endeavour of developing a vaccine against Covid-19. There are names of vaccines from different countries doing the rounds in the market, but the world is keeping a watch on having the cheapest and safest vaccine. That is why, it is natural that the world is watching India,” he said. 

Modi further added that India has the expertise for both vaccine destruction as well as capacity, and the central and state government teams are working together for the distribution of the vaccine. Public health will be a top priority in terms of Covid-19 vaccine pricing. 

The virtual meeting started around 10:30 am. Floor leaders from all parties in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha were invited for the same.

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