PMC against illegal subleased hawkers

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The PMC (Pune Municipal Corporation) has planned actions against illegal subleased hawkers. It has been identified that a total of 15% of hawkers are illegally subleased.  The hawkers with the license are expected to trade in their location they have been designated by the government. It has been observed by the PMC that many people who have taken the license are not trading themselves rather they have rented out space to other hawkers to conduct their business. The act of subleasing like this is considered illegal. More than 3000 hawkers have been identified as illegally conducting their business. 

The problem was identified by PMC in a survey where they came to know that most of the hawkers are working on rented spaces from actual licensed owners. The PMC has already issued notices to the hawk owners. If the hawk owners fail to follow the orders their licenses would be canceled and this would in turn affect their business.

Many PMC officials have conducted drives against illegal hawkers to prevent the subleasing. Head of PMC anti-encroachment department, Madhav said “the license holders are supposed to work in their allotted spaces however it has been observed that the license holders have sub rented it to non-licensed hawkers to run their business. They are simply collecting rent and the act of subletting is considered illegal.”

He added by saying “a hawker without a proper license will be fined with a penalty of 5,000 Rs. It has been seen that there are more than 8000 hawkers who operate without a proper license in the city.”

The hawkers have been advised to follow the rules and stop the practice of subleasing illegally. The PMC believes the fine would deter the hawkers from committing the act any further.