PMC: Sample collecting units to be labeled ‘Biomedical Waste Producers’

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-by Apurva Adhikari


The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has now directed all pathological laboratory sample collecting centers to register as distinct units for the proper management and disposal of biological waste. Previously, only the principal testing lab was listed as a biological waste generator.

According to the PMC, the new regulations would assist to simplify and carefully manage the creation of biomedical waste in Pune. According to Sunil Dandawat, head of Passco Environmental Solutions, the organization selected by the PMC to collect biological waste from labs and hospitals in the city, the restriction is also in line with recommendations made by the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board last year.

“Biomedical waste was collected from testing facilities, although only pathological laboratories were registered with the MPCB. Every collection center and unit that collects samples for testing must now be registered. This will also aid in the tracking of garbage created at these facilities. This trash mostly consists of swabs, sample collection kits, and syringes, ” Dandawat explained.

According to Dr. Ashish Bharti, chief of the PMC’s health department, ” Collection centers send biological waste to their primary testing facilities, from where all trash is gathered. We will know the actual volume of biomedical waste created in the city now that each collection center has been recorded. This will aid with disposal.

“Pune now creates 7 to 8 tonnes of biological waste every day. This garbage is collected from 400 collection locations across the city by seven GPS-tracked trucks.

The garbage is collected in color-coded bags: yellow for incineration, red for shredding, recycling, or landfill, and white for other purposes (sharp or glass material that is chemically treated and sent to a treatment plant at Ranjangaon).