PMC to appoint a private agency to undertake audit for energy saving

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On Monday, The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) wants to appoint a private firm to hold out an energy audit to save lots of electricity, water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, street lights, crematoriums, gardens and public spaces.

The PMC has floated a tender for the same and invited several proposals for conducting an energy audit and giving suggestions for saving energy.

The Head of the Electricity Department of the PMC, Shrinivas Kandul stated about PMC which is the biggest municipal corporation in Maharashtra. A few months ago, 23 villages were merged with it. The corporation will provide street lights in these villages for electricity consumption. 

Also, he added Water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants and crematoriums need maximum electricity usage. Due to the pandemic, electricity bills are increasing we’ve to hold out an audit and take necessary steps to save lots of energy and cut down bills. 

When a private firm or agency will be appointed, they have to prepare a Detailed Project Report (DPR) in terms of total energy consumption. It will also give suggestions and supply an idea for reducing energy consumption. The savings are going to be generated by initiating various measures and therefore the agency is going to be paid.

However recently in India, there was a coal shortage and therefore the government is urging towards renewable energy. The extinction of coal and fuel is going to be problematic for future generations. Pune Municipal Corporation took great steps to save lots of electricity.

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