Poor Infrastructure and Lengthy Commutes Causing Heavy Monetary Loss to the High Profile Pune IT Hub

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The 47,000 crore worth Information Technology hub of the Pune city is losing out few crores on every bad traffic day due to the lack of precious man-hours and subsequent delay in project delivery. This high profile IT hub of Pune is facing a financial loss of 25 crore per day just because of the pathetic infrastructure and the poorly managed traffic.

Tech bosses say that the trouble the employees face on the roads and the time they waste on the roads halting through the snarls just to reach their office leads to the collective loss of man hours. And the biggest casualties of this mishap is the continuous miss of the deadlines by these industries and the employees becoming unproductive due to the long tiring stay on the roads.

The state of road infrastructure in Pune’s top tax paying and one of the most economically sound regions of Talawadi IT zone, Hinjewadi IT zone and Kharadi IT Zone, require a lot of changes and improvement.

A study conducted by the Hinjewadi Industries association shows that it takes an employee an average of two hours to travel a distance of 10 kilometer to reach phase III from Wakad Bridge. “The loss is estimated based on a company losing $25 per employee per hour, as that is the time that gets subtracted from one person’s productive hour,” said col Charajeet Bhogal, who was the Ex-Chief Operating Officer of Hinjewadi Industries Association.

Though MP Supriya Sule and District Guardian Minister Girish Bapat chaired many meetings with the stakeholders of these industries no conclusive result has come up yet. Mr. Bapat gave some hopes to this matter saying that in 2019 he would completely focus on completing the Mercedes Benz project on Hinjewadi phase I alternative road and the bridge work will restart (currently the bridge work is stuck due to the 200m acquisition problem).

MP Sule said, “I will continue to urge the Union Minister Nitin Gadkari to improve the condition of national highway leading to the IT Park. But I can’t assure about the other roads.”

Going by the progress so far its really hard to say as of now whether the ride in 2019 would be a easier one or not.

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