Postponement plea for Civil Service exams: Further delay not possible UPSC to Supreme Court

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The Union of Public Service examination said to the supreme court that it would be impossible to further defer the examinations. The cupreme court bench headed by Justice AM khaniwilkar has asked the commission to submit an affidavit on the matter of exams.

The apex court previously heard the matter on postponement of the civil service exams prelims 2020.

It was believed that the deferent was done however it was realised that the deferment would completely hurt the process of exams.  It was supposed to be held on September 2020 and has been deferred till 4th October 2020. Deferring the exams would nullify the objective of exams According to Kaushik.

The bench has asked for all the logistic reasons as well to be mentioned for not postponing the exams.

One of the logistic reason for not postponing the exams is the incesstant rains in all parts of the country. The other reason is that the COVID-19 may flatten the curve in the government organizations.

However  pleas by 20 aspirants have been filled stating seven hour long offline exams which could further spread the corona virus. As there would be six lakh aspirants in nearly 72 cities.

The commission in a rebuttal stated one major problem with the deferment was of violation of Article 14. The deferment would lead to class based discrimination and lower class and middle class aspirants would have to take on the expenditure for transport accommodation and other secondary expenses. It even would violate Article 16. The deferment would deprive many aspirants of equal opportunity in public employment.

As of now the date has been set as 4th October 2020 for the conduction of the UPSC exam.

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