Pregnant woman striped, tortured along with 2 sisters in Police Station in Assam

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In a horrific incident that took place on September 8, a pregnant woman and her two sisters were stripped naked and tortured inside a police station in Assam’s Darrang district. 

The woman lost her baby due to miscarriage in a hospital she was admitted in after the alleged torture at the police staion. The incident came to light only on Tuesday. They were taken there for questioning in a kidnapping case filed against their brother who eloped with a woman earlier this month.

A complaint was filed with the Darrang district Superintendent of Police, Amrit Bhuyan on September 10 by Minuwara Begum. She alleges that a police team led  by the officer-in-charge of Burha police outpost, Mahendra Sarma, picked up from their homes at night on September 8. According to reports she, her husband and her two siblings were stripped naked, beaten up by two police officials Mahendra Sarma and a woman constable Binita Boro. 

One of the three sisters in her complaint said that they were brutally beaten up and the police officer who also touched their private parts. The police officer threatened them by showing his pistol and warned them from filing any complaint against him. They said that they had filed a complaint with the Darrang district Superintendent of Police on September 10, but their case was not registered.

Meanwhile, Amrit Bhuyan said that he has already initiated a probe into the incident and asked a DSP, B Singha to inquire into the incident and submit a report within seven days. The pregnant woman who is the eldest of the three alleges that they kept on hitting her belly in spite of her telling them she is pregnant. The police however claims that they did not know she is pregnant since it wasn’t mentioned in the report.
The three women have suffered injuries and bruises which they claim are due to the torture. 

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