President Elect Joe Biden Selects an All-Female Communications Team

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The United States President elect Joe Biden is getting ready for his term in office by appointing his communication team. This team is an all-women’s team, which happens to be the first all-female White House communication team in the American Presidential history.  He has chosen Jen Psaki who was previously a part of the Obama administration as the spokesperson for the state department to be his press secretary.

The communication team will be led by Kate Bedingfield who will be appointed as White House Communication director. She previously served as Deputy Campaign Manager and Communications Director for the Biden-Harris Campaign. She has worked with Biden during his term as Vice President, and has held various roles such as: Director of Responses and Associate Communications director in the Obama Administration.

Harris has chosen Ashley Eitenne as her Communication Director and Symone Sanders as her Senior Advisor and Chief Spokesperson.

The Deputy White House Communication Director is Pili Tobar and Karine Jean Pierre will be the Principle Deputy Press Secretary. First Lady Jill Biden’s communication will be handled by Elizabeth Alexander. These appointments unlike other cabinet-level positions do not need to approval of the US Senate.

Biden-Harris have emphasized on the need for diversity and have done so through their appointments and nominations for their term. Vice President elect Kamala Harris said, these communication experts express their commitment to building a White House that reflects the very best of the nation.

“I am proud to announce today the first senior White House communications team comprised entirely of women. These qualified, experienced communicators bring diverse perspectives to their work and a shared commitment to building this country back better”. Said President elect Biden on Sunday.

US President Donald Trump continues to question the legitimacy of Biden’s win despite election officials declaring his victory.

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