Presidential Race Heats Up with Last Televised Debate Between Trump and Biden

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With only 12 days to go for November 3rd, the day of the U.S. Presidential election result, both Donald Trump and Joe Biden engaged one last time in the last televised presidential debate moderated by Kristen Welker held in Nashville, Tennessee. With organisers of the debate introducing a mute button option over candidate’s mic after the last chaotic debate in September, both Republican and Democrat candidates were in their best of behaviour with very little interruption and shouting over each other.  

The debate was over a lot of issues with pandemic being the core issue with the USA being the worst affected country suffering 222,000 deaths. Trump who had contracted the virus after the last debate and had to spend three days in hospital backpaddled on his earlier promise that the vaccine will be available in few weeks stating that country was “rounding the corner” even though several US states are seeing a spike in cases. Biden who had repeatedly highlighted the mishandling of the pandemic by the Trump administration pointed out to his mask stating that this can “save 100,000 lives”, something which Trump had regularly made fun of.   

Trump highlighted the corruption involving Biden’s son Hunter business deals with Ukraine and China with Biden pointing to the lack of evidence of any wrongdoing on his own part. He added that he was willing to release all his tax returns while Trump so far has refused to do so. He went on to ask “What are you hiding?”. On the topic of climate change, Biden said he would “transition from the oil industry” to renewable energy resources leading to Trump stating “He is going to destroy the oil industry.”  

Biden has consistently been leading Trump in opinion polls nationally but in the key battleground states, his lead is slim. With 48 million US voters already cast their vote, there are very few undecided voters left for the candidates to attract. Experts are calling this election as a referendum on Donald Trump’s handling of the pandemic.  

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