Prices of edible oil and pulses hike up in Pune

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Prices of most of the grocery items have gone up especially in the case of edible oil and pulses. The Grocery retailers are correlating the price hike with the demand going up for grocery products even though the restaurants have been closed. There has even been a shortage of supply in many parts of Maharashtra due to heavy rains. The parts of Maharashtra where there has been a significant shortage is Jalgaon, Latur, Akola. A lot of crops have also been destroyed across the country due to heavy rain.

The prices hiked up by chana dal being sold for 70Rs now being sold for 80Rs. The same is the case with edible oil. The prices have hiked up from Rs 120 a litre to Rs 110 a litre. The has been a significant hike in the Tur dal as well. tur dal was earlier being sold at 95 Rs per kg however now it is being sold at 100 Rs per kg.

The increase in the rate of grocery is making it very difficult for a common man to survive. With each hike, it makes it difficult for a common man to afford a basic kitchen ingredient that they have been using daily in their lives for many years.

Many retailers claimed that the dals have been going off the shelf really fast ever since the lockdown has started and the restaurants were closed. They claim the other reason could be that a lot of food kits were donated on the onset of the corona outbreak. Chana Dal being amongst the cheapest Dal is being sold the most.

Daval shah a retailer in Pune claimed that most of the food the crop was also destroyed this year due to the heavy rains and this has also been one of the significant reasons for the price hike.

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