Pune: 19% decline in road fatalities while Pimpri-Chinchwad areas show a rise

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The highly congested roads of Pune become safer. Accident fatalities and mishaps have greatly lowered in the city of Pune in 2019 due to active and enthusiastic participation of police and commuters according to recent data released by the state government. However, the data indicated that in comparison to this, the Pimpri-Chinchwad region has recorded an increase in the number of mishaps which puts it in the top 5 zones in the dangerous bracket.

According to the data released by the state government’s road safety department Pune recorder a 19% decline in road fatalities. Whereas the Pimpri-Chinchwad area has seen an increase in the number of road accident deaths by 43% and it has claimed the 2nd position in the list of fatalities.

The Pune police worked effortlessly and enforced strict laws and nabbed people continuously concerning helmet compulsion, teenage driving, driving under influence, driving without a license, and triple seat driving
“In 2019, traffic was one of our main key areas of work. These improvements in numbers are the result of the same. People’s perceptions changed with constant enforcement”, said Ravindra Shisve the joint police commissioner of Pune.

The numbers in Pimpri-Chinchwad have gone up as parts of its jurisdiction fall under the Old Mumbai-Pune highway. In 2019 the state witnessed around 32,000 toad accidents and 12,000 people have died due to the same. The most number of fatalities were recorded in Satara, followed by the district of Pimpri-Chuchwad, Aurangabad, Latur, and Nagpur rural. Other districts that improved other than Pune include Ratnagiri, Thane, Washim, and Raigad.

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