Pune Administration Advises Residents to Change Social Habits to Fight COVID-19

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The administration in Pune has started off a campaign named ” Maze Kutumb, Mazi Jababdari’ (my family, my responsibility) which was launched by the State government in order to reach every household and check for signs and symptoms of the virus in a person. Saurabh Rao, the Pune Divisional Commissioner encouraged the residents of Pune to not go on parties as well as attend get-togethers in order to reduce the rapid spread of COVID-19.

Mr. Rao stated that people need a change in lifestyle until the danger of the virus outbreak has lowered. He adds that other than wearing masks, using sanitizers and hygiene practices, it is also necessary to make alterations in habits social life. He urged the residents to be a part of the campaign by adopting these changes in order to decrease the spread of the virus. He advised people to not visit or spend too much time in crowded places, avoid large infested population, and to check their temperature and oxygen saturation every day.

The need for family members to check on each other, not use each other’s personal items and sit next to each other instead of not in front were some other points mentioned in the notification. Sanitizing personal vehicles before a shopping trip or vacation was also an important measure highlighted in order to avoid coming in contact with things or people. “Local residents should follow all the instructions till an effective vaccine is found for COVID-19 in order to help the administration to keep the virus spread in control.”, said Mr. Rao

Pune division that constitutes districts of Pune, Sangli, Satara, Solapur, and Kolhapur is one of the worst-hit by the coronavirus with a huge number of infections and deaths due to the virus with 4,34,571 cases and 10,111 deaths as per statistics on Sunday.

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