Pune: Coronavirus patient missing from Covid jumbo hospital found in Pirangut

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A 33-year-old woman who had gone missing from Pune’s jumbo Covid-19 facility in Shivajinagar was found 17 days later in Pirangut. The woman’s family had earlier staged a protest outside the hospital after the authorities claimed that she had been discharged after testing negative, however, the family said that she never reached home. 

A missing person’s report had been filed for the woman by her relatives in the Shivajinagar police station. Now identified as Priya Gaikwad, she had been admitted to the Covid care centre by the Pune Municipal Corporation’s health workers on August 29, after testing positive for the virus. As per reports, her mother had stated that the officials of the facilities had assured her of the safety and said that she will be discharged in 15 days. The family in their complaint against the hospital have alleged that they were not informed about Priya being discharged.

India Today reported that Rahul Dambale, a local social activist had been helping the family look for the woman following their distressed search and apathy of the hospital in assisting them. Dambale has further alleged that the missing person’s complaint was to be filed by the management of the jumbo Covid facility as Priya had gone ‘missing’ from their care. 

As per reports, Dambale and other sources close to the family have confirmed that they will not be withdrawing their complaint and will seek legal redressal against the Covid care centre’s alleged negligence. They have further added that Priya is great mental discomfort and have demanded an enquiry on how she reached Pirangut. 

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