Pune: Fergusson College Road all set to turn into art plaza

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Fergusson College is ready for a total revamp. Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has decided to turn the busy street into an art plaza. The step is to promote local artists. The plaza will have allotted space for artists to perform their art and will also constitute a tour of the famous and iconic areas spread around the area. The artists have agreed to the decision but have raised questions about the selection of location.

PMC has justified its choice of location by stating that F.C.Road is a crowded area and this will ensure the success of the project. It will be the third PMC run art plaza in the city. The first art plaza is located in Bund Garden Bridge, which wasn’t used much and the second one is currently under construction at Rajaram bridge. As a part of the project, the entire area of FC Road from Shivajinagar police headquarters to Deccan will be used to develop the art plaza. The officials have planned to allot spaces for art exhibition and have special places for song and dance performances as well as for drawing workshops.

“Currently we are developing the roads according to urban street designs. Next, we will build spaces to enhance the path. There are plans to reconstruct iconic places across the road with installations, tours and hoardings, etc.” said Dinkar Gojare, an officer with Pune Municipal Corporation’s road department.

The officials also hope to get rid of encroachment on the footpath across F.C. Road. Installations will be put up on 2 stretches, one near the F.C. main gate and another near the traffic island at Good Luck Chowk. The officials are very confident about this project being a huge success even though the Bund Garden one didn’t attract the crowd. Their reasons being the footfall in FC is already high and the area is known for its numerous food joins and educational institutes.

Local artists and performers have welcomed this initiative but have asked questions and express concerns regarding the selection of the area for the initiative.
“Art indeed requires spaces where it can be exhibited and performed but it also demands an environment that is peaceful and calm. F.C. Road is busy and always buzzing. We do need space, but I doubt if F.C. Road is the correct choice for it”, said Abha Bhagwat, a wall artist.

Rahul Deshpande, a famous singing artist stated that it is a welcome move and college students have a lot of potential and talent but barely have places to showcase it. He added that this move will give them a platform to exhibit their talents.

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