Pune: Two COVID-19 patients who developed rare GBS treated at Sassoon

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It has been over months since COVID-19 has hit across the globe and the virus is still a mystery. Medical experts around the world are observing situations where patients are developing extreme symptoms and severe nervous system complications, like Guillain-Barre Syndrome(GBS) which is an auto-immune disease.
Sassoon General Hospital in Pune has successfully treated 2 patients who developed GBS post-Covid and went quadriplegic. Both of them had no prior history of the same.
Auto-immune disorders are those which affect the immune system of a person which fights the foreign organisms entering the body and in particular the nerves. These conditions occur mostly in people with past records of neurological diseases.
Two COVID-19 patients one who ails from Pune and the other from Dhule developed such severe complications of GBS. Both the patients were treated using plasmapheresis and were successfully cured and discharged. Plasmapheresis is a method in which antibodies and other potential injurious substances from the blood that may affect a person’s nervous system are removed through plasma exchange.
According to the doctors of Sassoon General Hospital, around 2500 critical patients have been treated successfully so far, in initial days the assumption was that COVID-19 could only cause symptoms like fever, cough, and fatigue but later it was discovered that the virus could not only affect the lungs but can also affect kidney, gut, heart, brain and in extreme scenarios, it can trigger GBS.
Professor Rohidas Borse, deputy head of the medicine department said that if the symptoms of GBS aren’t treated in time, the patient’s conditions can worsen very quickly and result in full-body paralysis. He added the recovery depends on the nerve damage along with symptomatic treatment.

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