Pune: Two minor girls go missing from a home for the destitute

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On Wednesday morning, two minor girls aged 10 and 8 years old went missing from a home for destitute girls in Pune city. The 2 missing girls were residents of Ahmednagar and were staying at the home for the destitute. A complaint regarding the missing has been filed at the Deccan Gymkhana police station.  

While talking to TOI (Times of India), Sub-inspector of Deccan Gymkhana police station, B.R. Zarekar stated that the girls were taken in custody on 12th February 2020 by the Government Railway Police (GRP) for stealing from the platforms of Pune railway station. He added that the girls were sent to the home for destitute for the time being as per the order of the Juvenile Justice Board. On Monday, they were to be returned to their parents. 

The police after contacting the parents of the missing girls have filed a case of kidnapping against a few unidentified people. The parents informed the police that the girls had not reached back to their respective homes. 

On Wednesday around 10:00 am, both the girls were called by the home authorities to watch television. The girls informed the home authorities that they need to use the washroom before they start watching television. Following this, the girls ran away and left the home for destitute. 

Zarekar said that the police investigation is ongoing. He also said that the police team are searching for the missing girls at different railway stations and various MSRTC (Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation) bus stands.

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