Punjab CM Amarinder Singh Asks The Centre to Repeal Controversial Citizenship Amendment Act

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Amarinder Singh, Chief Minister of Punjab has appealed to the centre to repeal the controversial Citizenship Act. He also urged Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to bring the situation under control. Singh tweeted, “Disturbed by reports from Delhi in the wake of anti CAB protests….urge (Home Minister) Amit Shah & (Delhi CM) Arvind Kejriwal to do all it takes to bring the situation under control & prevent it from escalating further,”

The chief ministers of Kerala and Punjab have said on Thursday that they will not implement the contentious citizenship law in their states. Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal has also talked about defying the legislation.

Singh has also said in a statement that any legislation which seeks to “divide the people of the country on religious lines is illegal and unethical, and could not be allowed to sustain.” Vocally disapproving the centre’s decision to pass the bill, Singh had said that the law was an assault on India’s secular character and that the Parliament had no authority to pass a law that “defiled” the Constitution of the country and its fundamental principles. He remarked, “It is the duty of an elected government to safeguard the cherished values ingrained in the Constitution and not destroy them.” 

The protests against the CAA took a violent turn in the central universities of the capital on Sunday. Students from Jamia University alleged that the police baton-charged them, even as they were holding peaceful protests. Hundreds of AMU students agitating at Police HQ have also risen slogans against PM Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and Delhi Police.

The law will grant citizenship to persecuted non-muslims from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan, provided they have resided in India for six years. The cut-off date for eligibility is December 31, 2014. 

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