Resort in Nepal Shuts Down as Eight Indian Tourists Die of Suffocation

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Eight out of fifteen tourists from Kerala die at a resort in Nepal on January 21st 2020. The suspected reason for death is possible asphyxiation. The license of the resort has been suspended for three months due to poor security management and managerial weakness at the hotel where eight Indians out of which four were minors died.

The two couples along with their four children were sleeping in the same room at a hotel in Daman (about 55kms from Kathmandu), in Makwanpur district of Nepal. The couples complained to the hotel staff about the cold and asked for a heater as there wasn’t any. The staff arranged for an 8-foot long glass heater from the resort’s restaurant after the guests complained. The incident took place around 2 AM. It was reported that all the doors and windows were shut down by the families which made the ventilation impossible.

At around 7 AM, when hotel staff got their morning tea, no one answered the door. The staff then involved the hotel authorities. The police confirm that all eight of them were found lying unconscious.

The tourists were then rushed to Hospital for Advanced Medicine and Surgery (HAMS) in Kathmandu, where they were declared dead on arrival.

During the investigation, the committee found the resort had not been following the recommended safety measures and was providing substandard services to its guests. Moreover, the committee discovers that the resort has not fulfilled the criteria set by the DoT (Department of Telecommunications) to be categorized as a ‘resort.’

Mira Acharya, the director of DoT said that “the resort’s operations have been halted as per Section 15 of Tourism Act-1979.’ She later added that the resort would also have to undergo the Environment Impact Assessment to get permission from DoT to resume operation.

Everest Panorama Resort was established 28 years ago in Daman Simbhajyang area. The tourist’s number after the tragic incident has reduced by manifold. 

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