Robotics startup Trifo to set foot in India

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A new venture in the sector of cleaning robots – Trifo, founded by Zhe Zhang is planning to soon incorporate in Indian homes with its 3D mapping, AI, machine learning and sensors. Zhang, a PhD in robotics from the state University of New York at Stony Brook, visualizes a relaxed home atmosphere with cleaning robots doing a great job of cleaning the floors, disposing of dust, pet hair and other tasks without any human help.

These robots are equipped with lasers and sensors that create 3D images of the space to avoid any kind of bumping in furniture, walls or objects on the floor. These sensors also work at night providing them better vision in dark or minimal light. The vacuum robot, which has 3000 Pa suction and a 5,200mAh battery, is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa. Charging docks are attached with them and they also charge themselves.

California based robotics company Trifo ready to launch its advanced AI-based home robot vacuums in India. Source: TechHive

Trifo already has a market base in US and is planning to expand in Europe and India. Zhang, particularly mentioned of expanding in India as the penetration rate in most Asian markets is less than 10%. Zhang is already in talks with various distributors and companies to join hands with in India. Trifo has a capable team including personnel with Microsoft and Intel backgrounds. Other efficient players in this sector in India includes Milagrow, Xiaomi and iRobot.

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