Samsung Galaxy 9 to Support 960fps Slow-Motion Recording

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Sony was one of the first manufacturers to introduce 960fps super slow motion video recording capabilities on a smartphone. Soon, the Huawei P20 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S9-series also came with the slow-motion recording feature. On Samsung Galaxy S9 phones, you can record 960fps slow-motion videos in HD resolution for 0.2 seconds, and a new rumor says that Galaxy Note 9 can do double of that.

The information was shared by Samsung_News_ in a tweet, saying that the Galaxy Note 9 could record slow-mo videos for 0.4 seconds. But as in case with all leaks and rumors, there is no way to verify this. Indeed, if the Note 9 does come with improved capabilities, it would let you capture more cinematic footage. But we will have to wait until August 9 for Samsung announcement to see if this feature finally makes it to the Note 9. In comparison, the Galaxy Note 8 is able to record slow motion videos at 240fps (720p HD) resolution.

Otherwise, the Galaxy Note 9 has been teased by Flipkart, which would mean that it would be available on the e-commerce site when the smartphone is launched in India. There is, however, no word on India launch date or pricing, but if we have to go by the rumors, it could cross the Rs 72,000 barrier this time around.

Samsung has already started teasing the smartphone, and one of the key highlights of the smartphone will be the enhanced S Pen functionality. The S Pen is expected to get Bluetooth support that will allow you to control the music playback on the smartphone, and also let you use the stylus as a remote shutter to click photos.

The South Korean giant has also been teasing various aspects of the smartphone in teaser videos. The first teaser focuses on battery life, and it is expected to come with a massive 4,000mAh battery. The second teaser focus on faster download speeds, which means it could feature faster LTE modem for better internet speeds. The last video focuses on storage issues, and rumors point towards 128GB / 256GB and 512GB of onboard storage, along with a microSD card slot.

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