Sanketlife, the world’s smallest ECG machine, to get an AI upgrade

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Aditi Shekar

Sanketlife, a flagship product of Agatsa, will soon be transformed with Artificial Intelligence(AI) and blockchain technology. This will facilitate medical professionals with accurate medical diagnostics with a portable framework. 

Sanketlife is an IoT(Internet of Things) platform that is portable and touch-based. The machine needs to be placed at six points on one’s chest to obtain a 12-lead ECG. The device must be connected to a smartphone that will generate reports based on the same. The device’s medical accuracy is parallel to professional hospital equipment but is only 1/10th the size of the ECG machine. No form of training is required to operate the device which, along with the cost, makes it more accessible. 

Agatsa is an innovative healthcare technology company founded by Neha Rastogi and Rahul Rastogi, both electrical engineers. They recently won the prestigious Aegis Graham Bell Award under the ‘Best Innovation in Diagnostics’ category. The company emphasizes the usability of the product and the cost-friendliness of the same. 

Agatsa aims to incorporate SanketLife with properties of Artificial Intelligence that will provide an accurately evaluated heart diagnostic. The device is formulated to be a compact apparatus presented to clinical experts with high tech AI and Blockchain. 

The AI algorithm will be present not only for capturing ECG, displaying, recording, and interpreting it on the smartphone. It will also diagnose the graph to give a first-level interpretation of the same. The cloud will store all the reports for any future use. 

“This will make it conceivable to identify coronary illness at a beginning phase and will help both the medical care experts and the patients to screen and deal with their souls without any problem”, the representative elaborated. 

Agatsa is now expanding its B2B collaborations with health firms that operate digitally. Their aim is to incorporate the gadget into hospital use, diagnostic labs and clinics with ECG review services. The other gadgets the frim produces include a detachable lead that constantly monitor’s the patient’s heart and produces ECG when needed. 

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