Savitribai Phule Pune University apologies over a question on ‘Jihadi terrorism’ in exams

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The authorities of the Savitribai Phule Pune University issued an apology after questions on ‘jihad terror’ were a part of the online exam paper of TYBA and TYBCom examination, on Thursday.

The question was featured in the multiple choice question category questions of TYBA Modern World History and TYBCom Defence Budgeting paper. The TYBA question was, “Jihad is an example of what type of terrorism?” with options being “Religious, Revolutionary, Political, State Sponsored”. While, the TYBCom question paper asked, “Which one of the following is the main cause of Jihadi terrorism?”, with choices of “Globalization, Spread of Communism, Armament Proliferation, Use of violence in the name of Islamic radicalism”.

After the exam, a lot of students took to social media to social media to address the issue, with many students claiming that there is no such subject as terrorism in the syllabus while the TYBCom students questioned the need for such a question in the commerce syllabus.

Following the furor on social media, SPPU has issued a statement admitting that a “wrong word” had mistakenly come into the question paper. “The administration expresses its regret for the same. The person heading the committee, which prepared the question paper has been asked for an explanation regarding the same, and the people concerned have been reprimanded”, according to the statement.

Following the same, the authorities at SPPU have been claiming that the fake images are being circulated on social media regarding the same, to which an action has been ordered.

Image Source: SPPU

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