Serum Institute of India to resume medical trials after DCGI’s nod

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Serum Institute of India will resume medical trials within the country once the apex drug regulator allows them to do so. AstraZeneca on Saturday stated that medical tests for their vaccines have restarted within the UK following authorization through the Medicines Health regulatory agency that the tests were safe. “Once DCGI will give us the permission to restart the trials in India, we’ll resume the trials,” stated Serum Institute of India.

In a tweet, Adar Poonawala, CEO of Serum Institute of India said, “As I’d mentioned earlier, we should not jump to conclusions until the trials are fully concluded. The recent chain of events is a clear example of why we should not bias the process and should respect the process till the end. Good news, @UniofOxford.” on the resumption of the trials. 

The human trials restarted days after it was announced that within the trials after an adverse response was observed in one of the participants. It was also reported that the medical trials were kept on hold in other countries like Brazil, South Africa, UK, and the USA. Following the suspension, the DCGI instructed the Serum Institute of India to postpone till further orders new recruitment in phase 2 and three clinical trials of the vaccine contender. 

AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford, on Saturday, said that they could not reveal further medical data but confirmed that independent inquiries concluded that the trials were safe to resume.

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