Shotgun shooters welcome the proposition of National Camp in Delhi but hope all precautionary measures are taken

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The National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) had announced in their official website last week regarding new dates to conduct a national camp for the senior squad, the approval for which rests in the hands of the Sports Authority of India (SAI). 
The shooters have geared up to put their rifles to the test but the fear of the ongoing pandemic has made them place all hopes on the fact that appropriate safety measures will be taken care of during their training period.
NRAI, on September 23rd, had placed a proposal before the Sports Authority of India and mentioned the dates of October 5 to November 8 to organize a national camp for the senior squad at Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range (DKSSR) at Delhi. The event was earlier scheduled for October 20 to October 30.
The authority had plans to conduct the training on August 1, but some shooters expressed their concerns about travelling and staying in Delhi which had witnessed a sharp rise in the number of active cases and hasn’t subsided till date.
Meanwhile, the shooters have come to terms with the recent announcement and have expressed their consent to participate in the national training while anticipating further instructions from the concerned authorities.
Senior squad members like Sanjeev Rajput, a veteran rifle shooter and Anish Bhanwala, a pistol champion have already begun their training at the DKSSR.
In an interview, when asked about the proposition Rajput said:” It’s a good decision, I will say. We have been waiting for this for a long time”.
Bhanwala stated that he had been practising at the range from 9 am to 1:30 pm regularly. “Maybe when the camp begins, we will be given time slots to train in”. He further added ” One benefit is that we will get competition (among campers) during training, the coaches will be there. It’s been three months that I have been training alone (in the 25m range). Manu Bhaker comes sometimes for 25m, otherwise she trains at the 10m range”. 
Elavenil Valarivan, World No.1 in women’s 10m Air Rifle who is currently giving her exams in Ahmedabad expressed her concerns about her travel and lodgings in Delhi.
Waiting for an update from the federation, she stated” Travel has started, people have been travelling, but I don’t know-how for me personally (it will be) such a long flight(from Ahmedabad) and then staying there for a month and then, I think there will be a quarantine period that we will have to go through once we land in Delhi”.
Secretary of NRAI, Rajiv Bhatia gave a statement saying “It (the approval) may come today (September 28). We are still waiting for that”.

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