Social distancing rules violated in Indore during “Kalash Yatra”

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“Kalash Yatra”, a rally organized in Indore on Tuesday, in BJP minister Tulsi Silawat’s honour for the upcoming State Assembly polls violated social distancing guidelines.

A procession was organized by the Bharatiya Janata Party to honour Tulsi Silawat. It involved women carrying urn on their heads without wearing masks and gathering in hundreds to attend the rally. According to the Indore Collector, there were no proper permissions granted to do the procession while the BJP leader said they had taken prior permission regarding the same. Unclear on the matter, the Sub Divisional Magistrate ordered to lodge FIRs against everyone involved in the rally. 295 fresh coronavirus cases were detected on Tuesday in Indore, being the highest single day spike. Indore has tallied upto 15,165 total cases, as confirmed by an official. 

Tulsi Silawat, the then health minister of the Kamal Nath government left the Indian National Congress with 21 other MLAs and joined the BJP in March. He is contesting the elections from the Sanwer constituency in the upcoming State Assembly bypolls. The minister had contracted the coronavirus in July along with his wife and recovered in August. When questioned about the Yatra by the media, Silawat replied that it is their faith and we should respect them while we will try to minimize the risk ahead. The careless attitude of senior authorities creates doubt about governmental measures. Amid an increase in COVID-19 cases across the country, such processions bring up a serious threat to local hygiene and health. 

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