South Korea Proposes A Joint Investigation with North Korea regarding its Official’s death

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Image Source: Wion

South Korea has decided to send in a request to its northern neighbour with regards to the killing of a South Korean government official near the island of Yeonpyeong on Tuesday. 

South Korea’s Defense Ministry on Thursday stated that the 47 year old government official went missing while on duty on a fisheries boat near the island of Yeonpyeong nearby South Korea’s sea border. The official had been shot and later on burnt by the North Korean soldiers. 

Days after the incident took place, South Korea’s presidential Blue House received a letter from the North Korean dictator on Friday saying that he was very sorry for the unfortunate incident that took place in the waters. He also revealed that his soldiers fired blanks and ten rounds of gunfire on the official due to his reluctance to disclose his identity as well as attempting to flee the scene. 
He further added that the floating device upon which the official had sailed across the border had been burnt, keeping in mind the safety measures to be followed during the coronavirus pandemic. 
The event caused an uproar in the South, with the public and the opposition demanding a detailed investigation into the matter. The Moon Jae – in government is currently facing an enormous pressure with claims regarding the letter to be highly questionable and information provided from the North to be unreliable, thereby suggesting a joint investigation with both the nations looking into the crux of the matter.
South Korean coast guards have been deployed to search thoroughly in the western sea boundary for the missing body. Reflecting upon the previous incidents of attacks on the border, Seoul has aimed to fortify its sea lines and strengthen their surveillance to avoid such incidents in the future.
For the first time in history, both nations will engage in a joint investigation; something that has never happened between the two countries, with the 1950-53 Korean war ending in a truce and tensions escalating day by day along the border till date. 

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