SpaceX wins U.S. military contract to use its reusable rocket to send satellites into space

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Adding yet another first in the list of achievement, Elon Musk’s private space company ‘SpaceX’ won a military contract from the U.S. Space force to carry National Security payloads to space using its ‘reused’ rockets. This is significant as it helps the company save money, resources and time in building rockets from the scratch and also saves taxpayers money since the cost of payload transfer to space will come down drastically.  

This deal has been long time pursuit for the Space X as it has already demonstrated its reusable rocket technology in previous missions like Crew Dragon. According to the deal, SpaceX will use Falcon 9 rocket boosters to transport the fifth GPS III satellite into space in 2021.   

Above deal is a win-win for both the government and SpaceX as on one hand there is an estimated saving of $52.7 million taxpayer money and on the other, SpaceX can focus more on its ‘Starship’ program which is its future passenger carrying space-craft making only as many Falcon 9 rocket as necessary and reusing them as much as possible. This deal only reflects the growing confidence of the U.S. government in private players to continue its space flight missions. This also helps NASA which has stopped launching space flight mission since 2011 to keep focusing on pure scientific research on outer space.  

SpaceX which was founded by Elon Musk in 2002 first demonstrated its reusable rocket technology in 2015 by landing it on land and on an ocean platform in the following year. In 2017 it successfully relaunched and landed a used orbital rocket stage. This year in May, the company became the first company to send humans to International Space Station (ISS) in its Crew Dragon Spacecraft.   

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